The Ebnsol Way

E B N S O L stands for Evidence Based Natural Solutions.

The name of our company was inspired and founded on two driving principles.  

1. Our belief in the preventative, healing and soothing powers of nature.

We draw inspiration for our products from nature. Much can be learned through simple observation of traditional natural remedies and even more thorough study.


2. A concept we highly look up to known as Evidence-Based Medicine.

Evidence Based Medicine is a complicated concept but in a nutshell, it is an approach to medical practice which intends to optimize decision-making by emphasizing the use of evidence from well-designed and well-conducted research.

An  Evidence-Based approach helps Ebnsol design and create natural product solutions which are not only effective but also practical in use.

On a side note, at first we wanted to name the company EBNP short for "Evidence Based Natural Products" but opted for Ebnsol because a key motivating aspect behind our mission was the fact that we wanted to listen to people's problems (no matter how small they may be) and find or see solutions which could help them. In the end we dropped the "P" and added the "sol" as a reminder of that.

What what do we mean by natural products and solutions?

Check out our Natural Product Philosophy to learn more.

Seeing as we draw inspiration for product design from Evidence Based Medicine it only stands to reason that we draw inspiration for safety and quality standards from the pharmaceutical industry. 

Learn more about the safety, quality, and manufacturing of our products.

How did Ebnsol come about?