Natural Products Philosophy

Although the current makeup of our product line lies primarily in natural dietary supplements we choose not to label supplements as our core business. Rather we choose to emphasize that our core business vision lies in inspiration from nature and finding solutions with Natural Ingredient end products.

In other words, our mindset is not "hey let's create a supplement or cosmetics from natural ingredients" but rather "what in nature (botanicals, minerals, plant extracts etc) has shown significant promise and evidence for human benefit - lets research that and see what we may be able to create" and how we could augment the efficacy of a natural ingredient by a certain process, or by combining it with other natural ingredients  

We don't want to choose a product class to have it dictate what we create. We want nature to inspire us to create unique and effective products or combinations. 

If we get excited about a new or specific natural ingredient or extract and it has compelling evidence and research deeming it safe and effective (for improving or simplifying your life) we work to create the product first and worry about classifying it later whether it becomes a supplement or cosmetic, or even natural insect repellent.

In summary, this is why we stick to calling our trade the creation of "natural products." We focus on natural products that can improve every aspect of your life. This way you can take care of yourself naturally inside and outside of your body.  

Perhaps we dive too deep in such elaboration but we like to share our visiony and perspective with our audience. We feel that sharing our philosophy is especially necessary, as we ourselves have come to learn that in today's world regulations and product classifications are very strict and complicated.

For example, did you know that your toothpaste is actually a "drug", your toothbrush a "medical device", but your shampoo is a "cosmetic"?

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